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 Concrete Pumping

Hose Concrete Truck
Hose Concrete Truck


 What do you do when the truck is unable to back right up to the job location?

 No need to wheelbarrow the entire load of concrete which can take so much extra time.

We have a Schwing Concrete Pump that makes it easier to place concrete when the truck is not able to back right up to the jobsite. Pumping the Concrete is way more efficant and takes way less time than wheelbarrowing the entire load back to where the project is.    

•  No need to hire extra men to get the concrete back to the project site. 
•  We can leave the concrete mixing truck curbside and pump the concrete up     to 200 Feet back to where the project is. 
• The pump we have is a trailer pump, not the big boom pumps you see on          commercial jobsites, so it's easier to tow behind our trucks and is smaller, so it can get into places where big boom pumps cannot. 

Concrete Hose Running Down the Site

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