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Concrete When You Want It, Where you Need it.

Your construction project requires concrete, but you are in a remote location which requires more driving time than your typical barrel truck concrete mixers can travel to in a timely manner. What do you do? Call Fresh Mix Concrete for time-saving delivery of ready-mix concrete and other concrete supplies. Our Volumetric Mixers don't mix the concrete until it is being unloaded from the truck therefore we can drive as far as needed and provide you with FRESH concrete, mixed ON SITE.  We have more than 35 years of experience, so rely on us to provide you with the right amount of material for big and small projects.

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We Fill Your Concrete Needs

Service includes a consultation during which you have the opportunity to let us know when and where you want your concrete delivered. Because we like to make sure the mix fits well, we ask you to tell us about your project. This helps us determine the correct mix design to use for your project. Interested parties can call us at (936) 703-2610 for pricing.

Concrete Clients Include:

• Homeowners
• Pool Builders
• Concrete Contractors
• Home Builders
• Oil Companies

Functional Trucks

Enjoy quality ready-mix concrete from our on-site mix trucks. While other companies use barrel trucks our on-site mix trucks have features that make them more efficient for concrete mixing and delivery. For your convenience, we have the ability to reach remote locations.

Because Fresh Mix Concrete delivers directly to your location and does the mixing on site, there is no waste because we only mix the amount you need. We always make sure you have enough concrete.

Another great benefit of our delivery service is the higher quality of the concrete. You can also change the mix design immediately, even in the middle of a pour, and you only pay for what you use.